Early years & Youth dance

Jasmine has extensive experience in working with the youth through dance. She works specialises in early years settings as well as delivering projects in primary, secondary schools and with youth dance companies for advanced dancers up to the age of 21. The programmes are delivered in a variety of ways, from weekly technique classes to short/long term creative projects.

Early years dance

Jasmine's early years classes are all about play, discovering new movement possibilities and sensory exploration. With the use of props, music and using the body to create shapes, Jasmine creates a playground of opportunities for the little ones to move in their own unique way and to encourage independent thinking. As well as this, they are developing their balance, strength and movement memory, all skills that are transferrable into everyday life. 

The early years programme can take place in a variety of settings, including nurseries, reception in primary schools, local parent and baby groups and many more. Jasmine also encourages that parents, family members and carers join in with the classes to support bonding with the child, but also with other families. This helps social isolation and gives families a chance to share tips and stories with each other. 

Contact Jasmine if you would be interested in hosting an early years dance programme in your setting. 




youth dance

Exploring dance with young people has always been a passion and strong interest of Jasmine's. She produces and delivers many projects for young people, from school-based work to youth dance companies. These can be weekly classes to build-up technical skills, short-term projects to create a performance piece or long-term Contemporary and creative choreography training. She is also able to devise and deliver cross-curricular projects, to engage with different topics the young people may be learning.  

Jasmine specialises in Contemporary technique, focusing her work on improvisation, somatic practice and creative choreography. However, she is also able to create classes and dances appropriate for any event or production, suitable for the age and abilities of the young people participating. The voice of the dancers is the most important part of any project, so Jasmine encourages young people to explore their own way of moving by offering techniques and tools in choreography and improvisation.

At such a transitional time in their lives, young people often suffer from a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Jasmine's classes support the improvement of young people's wellbeing, by using this as a theme of the projects and engaging in conversation and discussion. This has seen to improve the confidence in young people, resulting in them feeling positive towards themselves and their image.