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Welcome to JHD @ Home! This side of the programme is the Young People's Project, where the activities are designed for young people with various abilities and needs. This was originally run in the summer of 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK but is recorded on our website for you to use and reference at any time!

JHD @ Home is a series of creative dance activities for young people with varying needs and abilities, online in the safety of your own home. There are 14 different activities which have been designed with young people in mind, but are perfect for all the family/friends/carers to get involved with. Each activity includes a video which outlines how to participate or shows it in real time and a poster/document to be used as a visual aid. As well as this, a warm up video is provided for you to use every time you enjoy one of our activities and a health and safety poster and video.

To support all families during the current pandemic and lockdown, we are providing 4 of the activities free of charge, as well as the warm up video and health and safety video and poster.


The remaining activities are available for purchase at only £5 per activity, with discounts applied with the more your buy! You can choose to purchase all 10 exercises, 1 exercise, or mix and match any number you like. All the details, including descriptions of the videos are stated below in the posters. 


To make an order, please click on the button below to download the booking form. Once you have completed it, please return it to us using the button below, or email us at jasminehall.dance@gmail.com

jhd @ home information video

For further details regarding the JHD @ Home project and how to make the most of the resources, watch the video below.

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Health and Safety Video & Poster

Keep Safe During Dance Class - Mighty Me

warm up video

4 Free jhd @ home activities

Below you will find 4 FREE activities as part of the JHD @ Home project. Each activity will include a video and a poster/image as a visual aid to the video. 

Please ensure you have watched the health and safety video prior to taking part in any of our activities. We are not liable for any injuries occurred during taking part in JHD @ Home. Additionally, please make sure you use the warm up video to get ready for moving!

Enjoy the activities below and if you like these, you can purchase more at the top of this page!

moving with feathers

Moving with Feathers is a collection of creative and sensory exercises using craft feathers or anything you have similar (pieces of paper etc). You will be taken through how to use this prop to create a sensory experience and explore new movement opportunities for the participant and everyone getting involved. These exercises are perfect for the whole family to do, so get moving!

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This is an improvisation task, where we are going to explore the idea of painting a picture with your body. By using different body parts, colours and paint strokes, you are going to create a beautiful imaginary painting! This is the perfect activity to do with your friends and family, but make sure you do not make physical contact with anyone outside your household.

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In this video, we are exploring the creative dance exercise, Jungle Animals! It is really important you use the Jungle Animals pack which you can download under the video. This is an improvisation task, where we are going to use the cards in the pack to explore how each jungle animal moves and grooves. Use these cards one by one to discover the amazing ways animals move, or use them as a lucky dip game to play with your household! This is the perfect activity to do with your friends and family, but make sure you do not make physical contact with anyone outside your household.

To use the Jungle Animals visual aid, please download using the button below as there are multiple images!

this is me

This exercise starts off with some crafts, creating a poster which showcases all your favourite things. Here is what you need:

  • A piece of paper

  • Coloured pens or pencils

  • A photograph of you - if you don’t have one then get creative and draw a picture of you!

  • An adult to help you

We often don’t celebrate what makes us unique and special. But we are all amazing as we are and this should be shouted loud and proud! This is the perfect exercise to show everyone all your favourite things and what you love about YOU.

Get your friends and family involved to create their own dances too!

Exercise 2 - This is Me!.png

Don't forget to purchase additional JHD @ Home activities using the buttons to download your booking form and then return by email! At only £5 per activity, you can get moving in the comfort of your own home!