Adult Dance Workshop

You made me exercise with a smile on my face and that doesn't happen often!

So much fun - definitely puts a smile on your face!

A class suited to all ages. I cant wait for the next one. 



Adult dance workshop


adult dance workshop

It was a great first experience [of a dance workshop], things like this usually make me very nervous but I felt at ease almost straight away and enjoyed it immensely.

It was even more fun than I could have imagined!


adult dance workshop


We wanted to further develop our own classes and Jasmine had shown a real passion for working with those across an older age range and with varying ailments and we felt this was her true strength... I am confident that Jasmine is able to prepare and deliver classes for older adults and Dancing with Parkinson’s groups' sessions solely as well as being supported and mentoring an assisting artist, she has always been very willing to learn and develop.


Following a period of professional practice, we then asked Jasmine to lead her own classes for the organisation and she showed extreme passion, generosity and a good knowledge and understanding of safe practice throughout. We were very happy with her work and delivery for adults and I am sure they would very much agree that Jasmine brought many smiles and lots of laughter to their weekly sessions as well as the usual fitness and social elements these classes bring.  

Mrs Gemma Wright

Artistic Director of The Dance Network Association


AGe 9

'Dance club was amazing and Jasmine is the most inspiring person ever! She is kind and never gives up on you. I would absolutely love to do another dance club with her. I am going to really miss her.'

'I have really enjoyed working with Jasmine because she has a good sense of humour and she was not strict. I really liked the dance and everyone had their moment in the spot light. The best thing was working together as a team with Jasmine. She boosted my confidence and really inspired me.'


AGE 10


age 9

I enjoyed spending time with my mates dancing and I really liked it when us boys did our bit! It was hard work but super fun.

I enjoyed dance club because Jasmine was there and she always told us to work together. She is sweet and kind.


age 10