As part of her 3rd year dissertation, Jasmine created a dance company named Prisma Dance Company. With the task to choreograph a 15 minute performance, she asked 3 fellow Bath Spa dancers to join her in a journey to explore, discover and create. It was much of the dancers' project as it was Jasmine's. She enjoys a collaborative way of working and not using dancers just as bodies in space, but for them to be physically, emotional and mentally involved with the process and performance. 

Prisma's first performance was 'Circumstance'. Please click on the button below to find out more information about the performance. The dancers profiles can also be viewed by scrolling down.



Theanora Criswell-sanderson

The first company member is Theanora Criswell-Sanderson. After training extensively in a range of dance genres, Thea decided to take her Contemporary training further to Bath Spa University.

Thea has really enjoyed the Authentic Movement Practice improvisational tasks that have been undertaken as part of the choreographic process. She has learnt a lot about herself and the way she moves in relation to personal topics.

Rhiann  ashley

After taking a gap year travelling around Asia and Europe, Rhiann decided to head to Bath Spa University. Here she developed as a young dancer from the skills she obtained training in many dance styles since a young age.

Rhiann loved how personal the journey of creating Prisma's piece has been. She enjoyed reflecting on herself in relation to the piece's topic and learnt lots about who she is.


Sophie was part of a gymnastics club from a young age, where she learnt small elements of dance. When moving into Upper School, she started training in Contemporary dance as part of her studies. Sophie then chose to further her Contemporary training at Bath Spa University. Since studying on the Dance course, she has come to realise the diverse range of opportunities in this sector, exploring all career options she has available. However, Sophie does enjoy the combination of Dance and Digital technology, being able to create dance for film and being able to edit her own work.

Sophie really enjoyed the Somatic approach to the choreography, creating her own movement as well as drawing on previous experiences to influence the movement. It also had been an eye opening experience for her, realising how she responds to the topic of the piece, and noticing how everyone else in the company responds differently, but finding some similarities.