inclusive practice

Inclusive Practice is defined as a way of working that does not exclude any individual, despite physical or mental impairment. Bringing together participants from all walks of life and who live with different impairments is an incredible way to support independent thinking, development of social and creative skills and providing an alternative way of learning.


Jasmine's inclusive practice projects allow participants and carers to explore new movement opportunities, interact socially and physically with each other and express feelings and emotions through movement. These can be run as regular classes or short/long term projects with the potential of performance opportunities. With the use of engaging music, colourful, textured props and fun activities, Jasmine strives to see as many smiles on faces as possible. 

Inclusive practice classes can take place in a variety of settings, including SEND schools, community groups or respite centres. Jasmine is flexible in coming to different locations to make these classes possible. They are suitable for any age group, impairment and ability. 

If you are interested in having Jasmine come to your group to get moving, then please get in contact to discuss.