Dancing with Parkinson's, Stroke & Dementia

Jasmine truly believes in the statement 'everyone can dance'. This includes those living with Parkinson's, Stroke and Dementia, amongst other physical and neurological ailments. It is important that people living with these diseases and illnesses, that they deserve the opportunity to engage with movement and creativity and to re-define their identity as something more than their diagnosis.


Jasmine designs bespoke workshops and regular classes to work with a range of ailments, specialising in working with participants with Parkinson's, Stroke and Dementia. She creates and delivers exercises that suit the participants' abilities and allows them to explore their unique way of moving, as well as exercising. Classes can be delivered as group workshops but Jasmine is also able to work one to one with participants either in a social space or their private rooms. 

Please see below the different focuses' that the classes take depending on the ailment the participants may be living with. These three illnesses are not restrictive to whom Jasmine can work with, considerations will be taken when working with each individual. 


When working with participants living with Parkinson's, Jasmine really focuses on loosening and lengthening the spine and muscles to create space and openness. The classes allow the participants to find their voice and championing them to express themselves beyond their Parkinson's. Each participant is unique and it is about allowing them to find their own identity and move the way they desire. 

Jasmine's classes are suited to any stage of Parkinson's and she is sensitive to what challenges these may bring. 


People who have suffered from a stroke can often find themselves in vulnerable places where they didn't expect to find themselves in. Jasmine's classes really focus on supporting the participants to gain confidence, to find who they are again and have some fun. With paralysis being a symptom of suffering from a stroke, Jasmine acknowledges that this may be a sensitive area for the participant, but works to their comfort zone. 


Jasmine is able to work with participants at any stage of their stroke recovery, from initial hospitalisation, through to long-term recovery at home.  


Dancing with people living with Dementia is a magical class and can have huge benefits to those living with the illness, but also their friends, family and carers. It is a time to have fun, play and bond with the group, finding personality far from their diagnosis. There is less focus on building sequences to be remembered, but having the opportunity to explore, discover and be adventurous. 


These classes use a variety of props to not only engage the participants but to heighten their sensory skills. Jasmine really listens to the participants' stories and lives from themselves or their families and nurtures this into the classes.

If you have any questions relating to these classes and programmes, please do not hesitate to contact Jasmine using the contact page. 

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