Dance and the

older generation

Jasmine specialises in delivering regular classes and projects to the older generation in collaboration with a range of settings. The classes can take place in care homes, sheltered housing schemes, hospitals, hospices, or your local village hall and are adapted to the location and the participants' needs. Classes are designed to not only exercise the body but also the mind, engaging in your creative skills and finding freedom in movement. The most important requirement for the classes is to smile, laugh and have fun! 

The participants will be guided through a simple structured class, with a warm-up and cool down for safe practice. The class will consist of exercises and sequences to engage and improve strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Opportunities for improvisation and creative tasks are incredibly important, using a range of stimuli to allow participants to explore their own creativity. Jasmine will consistently explain the importance of movement for older adults and how the brain and body can thrive from participating in the classes. 

All the hard work will be finished with time for a natter and a well deserved a cup of tea and biscuits! It is important to allow time for social interaction to support those who may feel isolated and alone. 

If you are interested in creating classes in your local area or would like a dance programme set up in your care home/hospital/hospice/sheltered housing scheme, please contact Jasmine to find out more using the contact page.